Selection and Purchase of the Engagement Rings: What You Can Decide

The tips we bring you will allow you to turn the selection and purchase of Cheap Engagement Rings into a pleasant experience with which you will associate beautiful memories and recollections in the future. Among other things, you will gain invaluable experience that will soon come in handy because do not forget, after buying an engagement ring, in a short period of time will come and choosing and buying a wedding ring. Our tips are as follows:

Get Informed

The first challenge you have to face is the process of getting information about what kind of engagement ring your girlfriend would like. Try to get information about your girlfriend’s preferences through a spontaneous conversation in a direct way. This information is crucial for you because it will greatly facilitate your choice, and keep in mind that your current girlfriend, future fiancée, and soon wife, the ring you choose, will wear for life, so it is necessary that the choice be based on her wishes. But you can also get useful information by just watching your girlfriend. What jewelry do you prefer? Does he wear silver or gold? Does he like classics or luxury? Be imaginative, everything you need for a good choice is around you.

Set a Budget

It may not be such an interesting step in the process of buying an engagement ring, but it is extremely important. What is the amount you have to buy an engagement ring? What is offered on the market within that amount? Explore the possibilities, assess which categories suit you and narrow down the choice of potential rings within a given amount of money.

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Ring material

This is perhaps one of the most important steps. You may have already received some help with this step within the “Information” step, but if you’re still unsure of your choice, here are some suggestions:

Platinum: one of the most expensive precious metals, but of expressive purity and strength.

Gold: 14 or 18 carat gold is usually chosen. If you opt for gold you also have the additional option to choose between yellow and white gold.

Silver: 92.5% pure silver is used to make rings. Silver rings are rhodium-plated and therefore look like white gold.

Just as the choice of material is important, so is the choice of engagement ring style. Today, two basic models of engagement rings are most in demand, and they are:

Solitaire: this style is traditional and represents an eternal classic that has never gone out of trend. In the center of the engagement ring is a diamond which, as we know, is almost indestructible. Choosing this style will certainly not go wrong, and if you doubt this claim, just ask yourself, “What woman doesn’t like diamonds?”

A ring with three stones: similar to the first style only in this model there are three diamonds one symbolizes the past, the other the present, and the third the future.

Of course, an engagement ring doesn’t have to have diamonds at all, it’s forbidden to have discussions about tastes, right? The most important thing is to guess the right thing that will bring a smile to your girl’s face, whether it is an engagement ring made of silver, gold, with or without diamonds.

Pebble Ring

If you opt for an engagement ring with “stones” embedded in it, then your choice is further expanded. The selection of precious stones or gems is large and the most famous are diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald. Additionally, you can make your engagement ring unique by choosing a certain size, color and purity of the gemstone. Zircon is also a common choice. It does not have the hardness of a diamond, but it looks like a diamond.

Ring Size

You know what your girlfriend wants; you have a specific budget and a selected ring within it. Everything is perfect and you are about to buy it. But don’t rush it’s not over yet. Something important still remains unresolved, and that is the size of the ring you need. And now it may seem to you that the size is almost impossible to find out and that you will certainly not choose a ring that will fit your better half in size perfectly. But don’t worry, even though it seems like a real challenge, determining the size of the ring is a pretty simple task that is solved quickly and doesn’t require a lot of time. All you have to do is take one ring from your girlfriend’s collection and take it to the jewelry store to determine the measurements. If you don’t have the opportunity to do so, don’t worry. If the ring is going to be too small or too big, its size can be very easily adjusted by widening or shortening.

And last but not least, don’t forget about your personality ask yourself what kind of personality the girl you are going to propose to and for whom the engagement ring is intended. Ambitious, sentimental, romantic, active, simple or all of the above and based on the girl’s personality itself, you can estimate which engagement ring would be ideal for her. Here are some examples:

Ambitious woman: a woman who is very ambitious in both the private and business world, will be delighted with a ring with one stone. They will appreciate its simplicity and harmony.

A sentimental, self-aware and mystical woman: a woman who is sentimental, spiritual, self-conscious, and at the same time mystical, would surely choose the three-stone ring mentioned earlier as the three stones symbolize the past, present and future that are like her for example, a sentimental past, a familiar present, and a mystical future.

An incorrigible romantic: your girlfriend is one, great romantic soul, give her such an engagement ring. He will be delighted by an antique or antique ring that carries a certain life story, which is not just a piece of jewelry but something more.

An active and simple woman: she does not have too many demands, and on the other hand she is very active, constantly mobile and cannot rest? If you have recognized your girlfriend in this, choose a ring for her that is simple, without stones. Keep the ring simple, elegant and unobtrusive.

We hope that through these tips you have gained valuable information that you will use wisely to make an unmistakable choice when choosing and buying an engagement ring. Here is another additional piece of advice that may not be necessary, but in today’s world based on constant changes and accelerated pace of life; it is definitely worth mentioning that you should never be in a situation where you buy an engagement ring two to three days before the engagement. Does it earlier, calmly, take enough time and your future fiancée will surely be delighted with your choice.