Six Areas a Duplex Inspection Usually Focuses On

Six Areas a Duplex Inspection Usually Focuses On

Purchasing a duplex is a significant financial investment. Because of this, you never want to take risks before you take ownership of an identical property. Thus, you should have a complete property inspection done. But before you hire a professional inspector, it makes sense to know what to expect from a MCM duplex Inspection. This way, you could find the right inspector to get the job done for you. The right inspector will focus on the following when conducting a duplex inspection:

The Foundation

A duplex’s foundation can be poorly built. When an inspector discovers signs of distress, they will note issues and explain them in detail along with the consequences when they are not repaired. 


The structure of a duplex can have some issues that vary in severity. A professional inspection of the structure will ensure that the property can be used for the long term.

The Roof

The inspector will compare the roofs to other roofs to determine their condition. They focus on the spacing of every shingle. They will thoroughly inspect the roof for signs of neglect, leaks, or damage that can suggest necessary repairs. 

Electrical and Plumbing

The electrical and plumbing systems in duplexes are usually ignored and many owners reserve inspections on them separately for later. However, there could be issues with these systems that can be revealed during a professional inspection. An inspector will check the fuses, appliances, outlets, light switches, and others for signs of poor installation and hazardous problems. Also, they will examine the plumbing system if they need to be updated. Also, they might be able to detect problems with the water pressure. They focus on appliances, toilets, drains, faucets, and showers to check for performance.

The HVAC System

The HVAC is a significant component in a duplex roof. There is no point in having the latest furnaces and AC systems when something is wrong with the HVAC system. A duplex inspection can determine if the air filters must be changed or if there are leakages in the outlet. An inspector can inspect the air conditioning and heating system, thermostat, and air ducts to guarantee efficiency.


A duplex inspection will look for issues such as cracks and gaps that inflict a window’s frame or glass. This is important to ensure energy efficiency and safety from intruders. And if the inspector discovers heat leakage during the inspection, they will take note of the need to repair the insulation.