Something you Should Consider in Buying Mouse


Old-fashioned Mice use rolling balls to sense the movement of the Mouse. However, the Mouse with rolling ball is very easy to damage. Its accuracy is very limited. It has been eliminated at present.

The LED lamp used by the photoelectric Mouse will emit light at the top of the surface. It has the best effect on some types of surfaces. Such as fabric Mouse pads and other non-smooth materials. Laser Mice can work on more surface types and are more accurate.

Laser Mice are more expensive. They are not always the best choice. First, although they are more sensitive, they will generate more noise. It may lead to greater tracking changes. Secondly, they can work further away from the desktop. They may also record the unnecessary movement. These factors can lead to unnecessary screen movement. It may be particularly troublesome in the game. However, a gamer may not satisfy with the laser Mouse. Though it can work on any type of surface.

Substantive designs

There are kinds of shapes and sizes of Mouse. From small, easy-to-travel shapes to weird shapes designed to provide enhancements and ergonomics. Which design suits you best depend on several factors. They are the size of your palm, where you use the Mouse, and whether you need to carry it with you. We must say that buying Bluetooth Mouse should be the best choice for portability. It has no annoying Mouse line. You can connect with Bluetooth rather than an additional receiver.


The first feature to consider is the size of the Mouse. Portable Mice tend to be smaller. Those to be used on the table tend to be larger. Of course, this is logical. It is also depending on your palm size. People with smaller hands may choose a portable Mouse just for its smaller size.


Some Mice tend to comfort the hands. They are ergonomic Mice or those designed to reduce strain on the hands and wrists. They induce users to hold fingers, hands and wrists at a certain angle. So, they can make more comfortable long-term Mouse operation. They are usually suitable for right-handed users. But the number of Mice specially designed for left-handed people is much smaller. One distinctive feature is the Mouse grip style. There are three common types of grips: palm, grip and fingertip.

People optimize Some Mice (usually larger Mice) to place the palm on the top of it. Users can push the surroundings with whole hand to the greatest extent. Other smaller Mice use a design for fingertip grip. Users can use fingertips to grip the Mouse for guidance. There are other narrower Mice to place the palm on the back of the Mouse. Users can put the fingers on the top of the Mouse in the most comfortable way.

Of course, which Mouse is most suitable for you depends on you. Your personal preferences and the size and shape of the Mouse you need.