Specifics about RF Microneedling that No-one Tells You About – Is it Safe and Effective? 

Reversing the signs of aging safely wasn’t possible a decade ago. However, with the advancement in science and technology, new techniques started coming up. Out of the many, techniques like PRP and RF microneedling are considered to be the most effective and safest anti-aging procedures. In this guide, we will take you through the RF microneedling technique – what is it and why is it getting so popular? 

RF Microneedling Procedure – What is It? 

The skin has a natural protein, collagen. It is the role of collagen to produce new skin cells. However, as the skin starts aging, the production of collagen starts reducing. RF microneedling is the procedure that safely triggers collagen production. 

To carry out this procedure, dermatologists insert small sterilized micro-needles in the face deep enough so that they reach the dermis, the innermost layer of the skin. The needles are then used as a source to transfer radio-frequency inside the skin to heat the dermis. 

The wounds/punctures that are created make the body produce collagen actively so that the punctures can be healed and the damaged cells can be replaced by the new ones that collagen produces. The RF additionally heats the dermis. It increases blood flow inside the skin, reduces acne scars and uneven pigmentation, and is also very effective in treating conditions like Rosacea. 

As a result, the old skin cells are removed and replaced by new skin cells. 

  1. Wrinkles disappear and so do fine lines. 
  2. The skin looks tighter and visibly younger. 
  3. The texture and radiance improve. 
  4. The skin looks hydrated and blemish-free.

The popularity of RF Microneedling – Does it really offer what it claims? 

The answer to this question is, yes. The aim behind Clinique Anti Aging RF microneedling procedure is to encourage the skin to begin healing naturally. Wounds are created in a controlled environment and the radio frequency that’s used for spot and texture correction is extremely safe. 

This procedure is minimally invasive. Which means, it is not entirely painless. The doctors, however, use topical numbing creams in order to make the treatment comfortable. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the session and about 4 or 5 sessions (set 4 to 5 weeks apart from each other) for the wrinkles to completely disappear. 

The results can last for as long as 1 full year. However, you have to understand that the skin continues to age. Aging cannot be stopped. Therefore, doctors recommend taking follow-up sessions once or twice every year for the results to last.

On a closing note, it is important to get the treatment done by the right experts at clinics like Clinique. Bear in mind, the results are only as good as the doctor performing the procedure is. So, be careful of who you pick to treat your skin.