Top 5 ways to choose a Custom made Bed

According to the survey, people spend the most on purchasing furniture after buying a new house. A significant portion of your savings is spent on a new bed in all this furniture shopping. The reason is simple; we make all efforts to have a peaceful and comfortable time at home after a long day at work. Content sleep is vital for human health. If you can’t sleep well, the night the next whole day gets ruined. You will feel low energy, might have pain in back and headache and worse can’t pay attention to work. That’s why the right bed is a crucial thing, and you can’t compromise it.

The market is flooding with several types and designs of custom made beds; it is easy to buy any of them. But, if you are looking for something unique, comfortable, and accurately made according to your needs and desire. Then a store-bought bed will never suit you. Many people tend to have a Custom made bed installed at their place rather than a pre-made bed available in store. A Custom made bed can prove to fulfill all your desires and a cost-effective choice. But it is easier than done – when you want to buy something you go for a survey in the market, you have to follow a few things when you are going for Custom made furniture, particularly a bed.

Here I have arranged five significant ways to choose a Custom made bed according to your exact needs.

Know the size of your bedroom:

First thing first, you should be précised about your bed’s size, and it is not possible without knowing the exact size of your room. If your room is big and you don’t like to put much stuff in it except some necessary items, then you preferably go for king or queen size beds but if your room is small or you like lots of things like decorative items, extra table or couch then prefer a small bed. It is better if you measure your room then decide the size of the bed.

Budget-Friendly Choice:

Custom made furniture proves to be a great choice because you can select everything accurately under your budget. Determine your budget then go for selection because all of your efforts can go in vain if you didn’t decide the budget for your bed. It can go way over it, and you might have to cancel everything and start anew.

Types of bed bases:

You may know everything about the bed-making process, precisely the types of bed and bed basis available in the market for better selection. Popular bed bases are

Platform/top: It is the firmest type of bed base. It is made of hardwood in a single, solid panel.

Sprung edge: It is a big divan with a layer of springs at the top. They absorb pressure from a mattress that makes the bed more durable and provides you with a more comfortable sleep.

Slatted base: Most commonly used type of support is a slatted base. It is in the form of a ladder made of hardwood and joined together. It provides you less-firm sleep.

Bed Material:

The popular type of bed material is hardwood. Wood is substantial, secure, and durable. It is also weather persistent. Metal beds are also the right choice for industrial interiors. Coming toward upholstery, you can also choose according to design and your needs. Try to select more compact, easy to clean, comfortable, and durable fabric.

Who and what of Bed:

Choose a bed according to who will use it – if it is for kids’ bedroom, go for some theme beds like boys are more into cars, and girls would love doll theme beds. If kids are sharing a room, a wooden bunker bed works best. Likewise, in the master bedroom, a king-size best is proffered among couples. Moreover, you can add drawers to store things under the bed or customize according to your unique needs.

Let’s  put it together:

Choose the style of the bed according to your lifestyle and decoration theme. Make sure you follow all these points to get a better product for your home, with lots of long-lasting comforts.