Types of Mats Your Business Needs

Mats have an important role in the interior and exterior design of a business. People associate mats with something you put in front of the entrance to wipe or scrape the feet before entering a facility. However, that’s not the sole purpose of a mat. If you choose the right type of mat, you can prevent slips, falls, reduce the tension of someone standing for too long on a hard surface and keep any area cleaner. We’ll discuss mats that are ideal for different businesses so you’ll know which ones you will need. Depending on their purpose, you might choose each one from our list for your business. This is justified because each one of the mats we’ll discuss has a unique set of properties.

Mat with a logo

If you want to personalize your entrance or any other area within your business, choose a mat with a logo. A logo printed out on a mat or any other personalised message adds to the visual appeal of your business. Not only that, but you get to make a unique first impression by promoting your brand. This type of mat is ideal for areas with high foot traffic because you want people to see it. Whether you’ll have your logo printed, your slogan or a warm and welcoming message, aim to make the greatest of impressions with it. These are ideal for businesses with a reception, leisure area, restaurants, showrooms and similar areas. Additionally, mats with a printed slogan can be used to warn those approaching a slippery area or other potential risks.

Scraper mats

Just like their name says, the purpose of these mats is to work as a scraping medium. These mats are specifically made of an aggressive material that can survive aggressive scraping motions to remove dirt, mud, debris and snow off of shoes. These are typically placed in front of a facility, to ensure people scrape their feet before entering. Further, this will reduce the amount of dirt brought into the facility. Next, they’re also a safety measure because it reduces the risk of people slipping due to wet shoes. A scraper mat will remove and water or another slippery medium that can lead to a slip and fall upon entering a facility.

Water absorbent doormat

If your business is located within an area with heavy rainfall throughout the year, consider a mat that is water absorbent. The purpose of this mat is to absorb water and keep the floors dry by keeping the water locked in within the mat. The surface of water-absorbent mats is designed to remove water from shoes upon connecting with soles. They‘re also covered with anti-slippery rubber so they stay in place and remain durable.

Wiper or brush mats

Wiper or brush mats are typically placed at the entrance of a building. They can be placed both in front of the entrance or right after, depending on the type of building. They have one of many features needed to keep people safe and allow visitors and those entering to wipe their feet off. Functional entrance mats are made to endure heavy foot traffic. Second, they’re made of coarse fibres which brush and scrape excess dirt from feet and keep that dirt absorbed within the mat. Next, they’re highly water absorbent so they contain water or any other fluid. You can also find those that are mats that are code compliant to laws regulating floor safety and functionality. You have to pay attention to many different aspects even when you’re ensuring floor safety.

Anti-fatigue mats

Just like the name of this type of mat implies – this mat helps relieve tension and reduce fatigue caused by standing for a long period. They’re specifically designed to provide comfort, improve blood flow, reduce muscle tension and provide optimal compression during use. Anti-fatigue mats can be used in areas that require higher comfort levels like dressing rooms or customer support zone. Nonetheless, anti-fatigue mats should be placed in areas where your workers spend most of their time. From medical facilities, restaurants kitchens, hotels and factories, your employees can benefit from having the comfort and support of anti-fatigue mats. Investing in your employee’s health, safety and wellbeing return twofold if not even more.

Specialised comfort flow mats

Specialised comfort flow is similar to anti-fatigue mats in certain features, but they also have additional properties. These mats are great for commercial kitchens or any other areas with high water flow, grease dispensation and other liquid flow. Primarily, they provide the comfort we’ve outlined in the previous paragraph, while also allowing liquid to flow through them. This is a safety measure that allows these mats to perform drainage while not being slippery when wet. Comfort flow mats are also made of anti-bacterial materials which prevent mould or other bacteria accumulation. These things are bound to happen in a wet environment so choose a comfort flow mat that has these properties.

Decorative mats

Decorative mats or carpet mats are great for areas with high foot traffic that should be both protected and aesthetically pleasing. Any type of office, from commercial to a doctor’s office, restaurants and other hospitality industry businesses, can add to their decor by placing decorative carpet mats. They will also protect the floor area, trap any dirt and make your business look clean, fresh and great. If you’re interested in carpet mats, consider those with rubber backing to decrease any slips or falls.

Now that you know a lot about mats, it might be hard making the right decision for your business. Firstly, look for those sellers or manufacturers that have the right certification. Your aim is to meet all safety requirements and ensure your floors are safe for your employees and customers. Second, consider the exact purpose of a mat. What do you want to accomplish with this type of mat? Once you get your answers, you can start the search for that perfect mat. Don’t forget the size, design, material, functionality and how easy these mats are to clean. Easy maintenance is one of the features you need to consider when you look for the perfect mat.