Urban Poverty And Ways You Can Reduce It

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that “change is the only constant in life.” Transformation and development are expected occurrences in society to improve lives. But as numerous cities experience advancements and improvements, vulnerable groups in the community of Singapore face countless troublesome and distressing challenges—making their daily lives more difficult. These individuals got left behind as the whole world welcomed modern changes.

In Singapore, an official poverty line does not exist. But according to The Borgen Project, a non-profit organisation, the authorities consider individuals earning less than $1,250 a month as people somewhat struggling. For them, this amount is what a family of four would spend on their primary needs, including food, housing, and clothing.

About 10% or more of the Lion City population is currently experiencing poverty. These individuals do not have the means to afford to live in one of the most expensive cities. But why does urban poverty exist, and how does it affect the lives of Singaporean residents?


Why Does Urban Poverty Exist?

Like every other city, Singapore faces numerous issues affecting its citizens. Among these problems, urban poverty is arguably the most crucial concern that prevents numerous individuals from obtaining their needs and experiencing the lives they deserve. Members of these vulnerable groups in the community cannot afford to eat three times a day, send their children to school, look for decent jobs, or go to hospitals to receive primary healthcare services.

According to Oxford Bibliographies, urban poverty is a series of social and economic challenges in developed areas like Singapore. This issue results in homelessness, famine, health crises, and other effects. Numerous factors cause urban poverty, including the following:

  • Overpopulation In Cities
  • High Cost Of Living
  • Continuously Rising Food Prices
  • Inaccessible Education And Training Programmes
  • Insufficient Work Opportunities
  • Income Inequality
  • Lack Of High-Quality Basic Services


What Can Authorities Do To End Urban Poverty?

Urban poverty is not an individual problem. It is a societal issue that government authorities should address and resolve. They should do what they can to assist individuals who lack primary needs such as nutritious food, clean water, and comfortable homes.

If you are wondering what the state can do to end urban poverty and similar problems like food security in Singapore, scroll through to learn about a few of the activities they can do:

Offer More Jobs

People need jobs to have enough money to provide for themselves and their families. They need to have salaries to buy food for themselves and live in a secure and comfortable environment. But how can people beneath the unofficial Singapore poverty line gain resources if their community does not offer enough job opportunities?

Host Training Programmes

Aside from providing job vacancies to the public, the authorities should offer free training programmes to the members of vulnerable groups in the community. Doing so will ensure that poverty-stricken individuals have the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil the responsibilities of their preferred careers. Even if they fail to obtain a degree, they could develop their work abilities through these training programmes.

Improve Housing

Homelessness is one of the most prevalent effects of urban poverty. If the authorities decide to provide housing programmes or vouchers to affected individuals, they can help these people get back on their feet by solving one of their many concerns. They could focus on looking for job opportunities and attend training sessions for these vacancies if they have roofs over their heads.

Make Basic Services Available To All

Primary services such as healthcare, electricity, and water should be available to all. People experiencing urban poverty can become more productive and motivated if they have access to services that would enable them to fulfil their duties as a householder and a member of the labour force. Moreover, making checkups and treatments available to everyone can improve lives and prevent ailment outbreaks.

Listen To The Public

The authorities will understand what they need to do as public officials if they listen to the hardships and demands of vulnerable groups in the community. They should take time to sit with them and see how they have been living in the slums of the city. Doing so will allow officeholders to create appropriate programmes that benefit those who need them.


What Can Residents Do To End Urban Poverty?

As a local in Singapore, there are numerous things you can do to reduce urban poverty. Through your efforts, you could change the lives of thousands of individuals in vulnerable groups in the community. By following these four easy steps, you are taking a step towards a better future for the city and millions of its inhabitants:

Learn About Urban Poverty

You can do your part in ending urban poverty if you understand what it means and what it does to society. You could research it online by browsing websites of numerous organisations, or you could immerse yourself in vulnerable groups in the community to understand their needs and the challenges they face every day.

Share Your Findings

After learning what urban poverty means, you could educate your friends and relatives about it to spread awareness of one of the most crucial issues in the state. By explaining what marginalised communities experience every day, you could gain support from more people to end such a problem.

Support The Advocacies Of Concerned Communities

Ending urban poverty will become successful if everyone focuses on addressing the demands of affected communities. If food security in Singapore is their primary concern, the authorities should provide enough meals before sending them off to work or asking them to participate in training programmes.

Join Volunteer Groups

The change will be possible if numerous people work together to achieve a common goal. If you wish to reduce urban poverty and help concerned individuals, you could work with volunteer organisations or join community movements. By providing medical, educational, or career assistance to marginalised groups with your fellow volunteers, you could make a significant difference in the lives of many.

You can do numerous things to help end urban poverty in Singapore. You could educate yourself and others about the difficulties of living in slums or immerse yourself in the experiences of vulnerable groups in the community. You could also join The Best of You and raise awareness about urban poverty.

Visit the website below to learn how you can participate in the life-changing movements of The Best of You that helped countless individuals living in urban poverty in the state.