Ways To Surprise Dad On His Birthday

Ways To Surprise Dad On His Birthday


During your birthdays in childhood, it was your mom who was on her toes preparing and making sure that everything goes as planned. However, do you know who was the backbone of the birthday party and gave all the strength to your mom? Well, it was your father. Such are fathers. They continue to make your lives and every birthday special than the previous silently. Now, you are all grown up to give your dad his birthday surprise because dads are low-keys and will literally say “No” to all the plans you bring up. So, the only viable way to sweep him off is to give him a surprise!

  • Let Him Rest and Relax: Dads are super busy. All throughout the year, he is running and making errands meet without frowning lines on his forehead. He deserves the break as much as you do, maybe more. What could be a better day than his birthday to let him unwind. Request him to take a day off from his office. Then, let him sleep a little longer. Do his work for a day like buying groceries, washing the car, watering the plants while he gets lazy. Choose to pamper him as well by giving him a head oil massage, pedicure services at home, etc.
  • A Night Stay At A Resort: You are never too old to hangout with friends. For his birthday, make reservations at a nearby hotel or resort. Invite all his closest friends and make special arrangements for his birthday like a pop of champagne, a themed birthday cake for dad, music and dance. Let him have a gala time with his dearest friends. If it’s a winter birthday, you can arrange for a barbeque themed birthday party, or a bonfire party at the resort or hotel.
  • Give Him Gifts To Encourage His Hobby: Gifts have to be thoughtful and meaningful. You surely know your dad’s choices, likes and dislikes. Get him a gift that best compliments his personality or something he dearly wants. The better idea would be to give him a gift that would encourage his hobbies. If he is green-fingered, go with DIY herb kits. But if he is a master chef, then the perfect gift would be a personalised cutlery set, cookbook, etc. Likewise, according to his interest, choose gifts for him.
  • A Sentimental Surprise: Dads are like coconut. Hard from the outside, soft on the inside. If you wish to strum the right chords of his heart on his D-day, go for this idea. Decorate his room with sentimental quotes. If you are born with creative fingers, you can sketch out his portrait and hang in the room. Place a balloon with message chits inside it from all the family members, and just burst pop it when he enters the room. You can also adorn the room with pictures of him with you and other family members. Write down a message under each picture. He will be left teary eyed– the happy tears we mean.
  • A Father’s Day Out: If his birthday is falling on a weekend, you can carry out this plan. Make it a father’s Day out just like he used to take you out on your birthday’s. Remember the baby’s day out? You can go shopping, catch a movie, take up an activity you both like, and then end the day by having dinner with your family at a restaurant followed by ice creams at his favourite ice-cream parlor.

These five ideas are all you need to make your dad’s birthday the bestest day of his life and years to come.