Website + SEO = Growth 

Have you ever found yourself wondering, is SEO worth the money? If you have, you’re not alone. Many people often doubt the powers of SEO. However, there is one formula that snuffs out all these doubts. 

This formula is Website + SEO=Growth and is called the “Magic Growth Formula”. 

To succeed in the fierce online world, your business needs a representative. That representative is your website which is also the first part of the “magic”formula. 

Do you think a country wouldever send a delegate to the UN dressed in pajamas? No. Then why would you send an unpleasant, underperforming website to represent your businessamongst the bigwigs of the online world? You wouldn’t. 

Therefore, to ensure that your website works to help you achieve your business goals, you need to make sure that it brims with fresh content, attracts visitors, and provides them a pleasant experience while they are on your site. 

Offering a good user experience is entirely up to your web developers. But how can you attract visitors?

That’s where SEO online marketing techniques come in. Search engine optimization involves practices that align your website and its content with the search engines’ algorithm. So that when someone comes looking for you, they can find you (read: your website) shining brightly among the top search engine results.

Website and SEO complement each other. Without SEO, your site won’t get any visitors. And what’s the point of having a website that sees no visitors? Likewise, without a smooth-running website, SEO will not work to its full capabilities.Because Google is a smart nugget. It ranks websites that align with its search algorithm and offer a good experience to visitors.  

So, a website becomes a stage for SEO to perform its best tricks on and its features complement SEO practices to help a business outperform all others in the virtual arena. 

Landau Consulting, an NJ SEO Consulting Company specializes in SEO internet marketing services and has crafted this infographic to help you understand the vital role that SEO plays to make the formula Website + SEO= Growth, equate to success.