What is Basic Blackjack Strategy, and can you use it at online casinos?

Blackjack is a hugely popular casino game, and it has gained that popularity over the course of years by being one of the most reliably entertaining and challenging casino games. The reasons for its popularity include the simplicity of its rules and the fact that, more than any other casino game, it is open to strategizing. There are ways to play every blackjack hand, and knowing how to do it well is something that a lot of people don’t do – partly because they assume it’s cheating.

If you’re interested enough in casino games and winning to check out new sites on the likes of casinoszonder.com, then you’re interested enough to want to play well. So it is worth getting to grips with the idea of basic blackjack strategy – and that’s something we can help with.

What is basic blackjack strategy?

In its most simple form, basic blackjack strategy is the theory that there is a best way to play each hand, taken from the two cards you are initially dealt and the one dealer card you can see: their “up” card. This strategy is usually presented in the form of a chart where you can cross-reference the hand you have with the card the dealer is showing. While you can’t know what else the dealer has, there are mathematical equations that indicate the best way to play. Percentage-wise, this means there is a best way for the gamer to play the hand.

Why should you use basic blackjack strategy?

As you will know, the casino has the edge in every game, and let’s be clear – if you use basic strategy the casino will still have the edge. What you can do by using the right strategy is shave off a little of that edge. You can find strategy charts online for free, or order laminated hard copies online. There are also books available, and you can find simulators online that allow you to play blackjack and will tell you what your play should be. Using strategy won’t guarantee you a win – any more than registering with a doctor guarantees you immortality – but it does make it more likely.

Is it not cheating to use player aids?

No. Cheating is the use of underhand, rule-breaking means to enhance your chances of a win. There is nothing in the rules to suggest you shouldn’t use strategy, and let’s be clear – you should always be using some form of analysis to guide your betting. Using a strategy chart is no more a form of cheating than using a racquet in tennis. Land-based casinos will even issue you with strategy cards for free. Strategy doesn’t ensure a win, and using it may keep you playing longer, so casinos are really happy for you to use it.

All in all, blackjack strategy is something that can genuinely improve your play, and as you get used to it you’ll see more successes than before. There is no reason at all not to give it a go, so why not give it a try?