What to do Before and After Your Hand Surgery in Singapore

  What to do Before and After Your Hand Surgery in Singapore

Sometimes, the only way to recover from an illness is to undergo surgery. Whether you like it or not, it can be the only option to return to your routine. It may be hard to accept at first, but you must follow your doctor’s orders to regain your strength, especially if it’s about hand surgery in Singapore. You use your hands daily, even in the simplest routine like holding a spoon and fork, opening doors, and putting on shirts. Once you experience discomfort, it will be harder for you to do these simple tasks.

When your hand surgeon tells you to undergo a surgical procedure, ask more about the possible implications of the post-op stage. You can also ask about the things you should know about why you need to take this procedure. But, if you need more information, continue reading this article to understand how to prepare before and after the surgery.

What to Do Before Your Hand Surgery

Before you undergo hand surgery, you need some preparations to alleviate your anxiety. It’s not enough that you ask for information and consultation from your hand surgeon. It would be best if you also took action to prepare your body and mind for the upcoming procedure. So, here’s what you need to do before the surgery.

1) Know the Location and Time of the Surgery

Once the doctor requires you to undergo hand surgery in Singapore, it’s better to ask about the location and time of the procedure. Ask the doctor if they will perform it in the clinic or if you need to transfer to another hospital. Also, consider the time of your surgery so you can tell your doctor if you are free. You can also request a specific time that is not too early or late so you will feel comfortable during the procedure.

2) Foods and Medications You Need to Avoid Eating

Before your surgery, you must also ask your hand specialist in Singapore about the food and medications you need to avoid eating. It is because some foods and medicines may cause inflammation or allergic reactions in your body. It will make the surgery procedure challenging to process and increase your risk for complications.

3) Stay Health and Avoid Getting Sick

It’s better to be in your best health before undergoing surgery. If you have colds, fever, or getting in contact with COVID symptoms., better call your doctor and advise them in advance. During the call,  you can reschedule your surgery and wait till you recover from your sickness.

4) Prepare for The Clothes

Your goal is to feel comfortable during your hand surgery in Singapore. So, wear something easy on the skin like a dress, shorts, t-shirts, and comfortable shoes. You can also bring a jacket as you might feel cold while waiting in the hospital. Plus, you can easily remove this if the doctor tells you to change for a medical dress for your hand surgery.

5) The Financial Responsibility

Another thing you need to consider is financial responsibility. Finalise your payment options like using health insurance, paying in cash, or even using your credit card. If you’re on a budget, you can ask the hospital if they can accept an instalment payment method. Other things like loaning are also possible, but be wise in using your money to avoid more problems.

6) Hire Helpers

If you live alone and your family members are busy, you can hire helpers for several days after your hand surgery. This way, you can have assistance in your day-to-day life basis. You can also tell the helpers the days you expect them to offer their service.

7) Go to the Market

Before you go to the clinic for your surgery, you can also buy food to have stock after your surgery. Better yet, ask your hand specialist in Singapore about the nutrition you need to eat and avoid. Eating nutritious meals will help you recover faster.


What to Do After Your Hand Surgery

Your journey to recovery continues even after your hand surgery. It’s better to know what you should do for 100% healing. You can also avoid having health complications by following some post-op care routines.

So, continue reading this article for more information about post-operative recovery.

1) Wound Care

The wounds are fresh days after the surgery, and you must still cover them with dressings. With this, you need to learn about the wound care routine to know how you can handle it. Plus, you need to buy a medical kit to have continuous healing. Better yet, ask your hand surgeon about the correct procedure for your wound care.

2) Minimal Activities

Since you need to rest, you need to minimise your activities after the hand surgery and trigger finger treatment in Singapore. It’s better to take a rest and let your body relax. You can ask for sick leaves or advise your teachers in advance that you need to skip class for your recovery method. Use this time to rest and relax.

3) Medications

After the surgery, your hand specialist may require you to take medications. So, ask your doctor about the time interval before taking another medicine. Also, you can consult the doctor after the pills you need to take for a faster recovery. Remember, you need to be consistent with your medicine intake because you can see progress only this way.

4) Doctor Consultation

Another thing to consider in your schedule is to have a doctor’s consultation. It would be best to visit your hand specialist once or twice a month to check your progress. If you’re showing improvement, it means you are doing well, and you must keep doing your post-op care routine.

5) Physical Therapies and Exercises

Once the wound has healed, you can start with physical therapies and exercises. Look for hand exercises to avoid stiffness. This way, you can also prepare your hands to regain strength and do your routine again.

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