10 Optimisation Tips for Your Freight Management System

  10 Optimisation Tips for Your Freight Management System

When it comes to shipping businesses, there is always room for improvement. While some of these enhancements have little effect, therefore, are not worth doing, there will be some tips you can benefit from to save more money and boost your reputation with your clients. Utilising a freight management system is one of the necessities in this type of business that helps owners increase their productivity and efficiency.

However, there is a chance that you may not be using your freight management system to its full potential. On the other hand, you may be overdoing certain aspects of your business when there are alternative methods that can help save money.

In this article, you will learn about these ten tips to help you optimise how you utilise your freight management system. Continue reading to know more.

10 Optimisation Tips for Your Freight Management System

1. Create a Plan

Any attempt you make at optimising your freight management system is useless if you do not start with a plan. Observe the current state of your business and look for existing issues and weak areas. Once you recognise these things regarding the system, you can start formulating solutions for each of them.

Your primary goal in creating an optimisation plan for your freight procurement software and management system is to determine the weaknesses of your business and attempt to solve them. Remember that leaving those issues drags your company down, potentially reducing your profit. Additionally, once you have a plan, try to stick to it. Deviations from your solutions can worsen your problem. If it doesn’t work, reconsider your plan and look for areas of improvement or devise another solution.

2. Improve Warehouse Management

The most essential aspect of your freight management system is your warehouse and inventory. It is crucial for you to be aware of what items move in and out, as well as their location while on the way to your clients.

Utilising an IoT, or Internet of Things, on your freight management system can significantly optimise your warehouse management by tracking and analysing shipments that are on their way to clients. You can attach these sensors to your parcels to help you verify their location at all times and track them for analysis and metrics purposes.

3. Explore Multiple Routes


Using the same transport routes for your business may be preventing you from discovering potential paths that can help reduce your cost. Additionally, taking new ways makes it possible for you to optimise your delivery time, fuel consumption, and reputation among your clients.

4. Simple is Better

When it comes to the kind of freight management system you should use for your company, it is a safe option to go simple. It goes against your plan to optimise your business if the one you use is complex enough that you visit customer support for assistance regularly.

In addition to the previous paragraph, a simple freight rate management software is advisable, especially when you’re unfamiliar with how it works. Take the time to learn the basics before upgrading to more complex systems and software.

5. Modify Only When Necessary

Before deciding on which freight management system to use, you must determine the necessary features your business needs. While being able to customise your system is a welcome addition, these can add to your expenses. Always prioritise the necessities before going for modifications you may not need at the moment.

6. Opt for Full Freights

Another aspect of your business that you should consider following is ensuring that each of your transports leaves at maximum capacity. Full or empty, remember that the fuel cost of sending freight from one destination to another is the same. If you have a pending shipment tender, consider adding it to your transports. Always attempt to reach max capacity before sending your freight.

7. Optimise Your Packaging

While proper packaging is necessary for ensuring that the parcels arrive with little to no damage, there is room for optimisation that you can follow to reduce your cost in this aspect of your business. Utilising your freight management system, assess how much your expense is regarding packaging material and see how you can reduce the amount you use. Doing this helps you improve your shipping process and protects the environment.

8. Go Green

Aside from the decent reputation that you get from the public, following green initiatives is an excellent way for your company to save money while protecting the environment. Since one of the primary goals of an environmentally friendly business is to reduce waste production, following them can help optimise your company and the freight management system. Here are some of the tips you can do regarding green initiatives:

  • Using solar panels for your business
  • Using recycled materials for packaging
  • Using the right size of packaging material
  • Going for bulk shipping

9. Utilise Metrics

It can be tough to determine if you use your freight management system correctly without metrics. Establishing quantifiable measures can help you discover the performance level of your business. What you want to fulfil will depend on your business. Do you want to reduce your packaging expenses? Do you want to improve your average delivery times? Do you want to improve your warehouse and inventory management? These are some questions you can use when you want to improve your business. However, keep in mind that when you’re setting goals, ensure that these are realistic according to the state of your company.

10. Invest in Analysis

Analytics solution provides you data regarding your current performance, as well as predicts your future productivity. Regularly investing in a complete analysis helps you optimise your freight management system and inform you of areas that need improvement.


Optimising your freight management system is crucial in maximising the efficiency of your company. Doing so reduces your expenses while improving your shipment process, increasing your profit. While it can be difficult due to the numerous moving parts, the benefits outweigh the effort companies give to it. Following these tips can help you optimise your business.

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