3 Questions You Should Ask an Aircon Service Company

Because Singapore is located in the tropics, the coolest of days may still feel unbreakable warm. Even at times of the year when Singapore is not at its hottest, temperatures may still be unbearable for the average person. Extreme heat and high temperatures are why we have tools to help us cool off. Air conditioners make our lives safer and more convenient, ridding us of dangers like heat stroke and heart disease. If you neglect to pay attention to aircon troubleshooting services in Singapore, then you might as well start now.

Most people in Singapore will use air conditioners at least once or twice a day for hours. The constant use of air conditioners means that we are much more vulnerable to air conditioning problems arising from misuse. We might ignore the warnings that tell us that our air conditioner needs maintenance. While air conditioners can endure much abuse, they are still machines with moving parts that can break down. An air conditioner requires a regular aircon service that can fit their needs. Think of your air conditioner as a piece of equipment that needs repairs now and then.

What are some questions you need to ask to know more about the aircon services you need?

1) How can we differentiate between a chemical wash and an overhaul?

As an aircon unit owner, a company may confront you with an aircon chemical wash vs an overhaul in Singapore. These are two essential services that can also increase the longevity of your aircon. There is one simple difference between an aircon chemical wash and an aircon chemical overhaul. A chemical wash is a simple cleaning and soaking of the aircon unit in a chemical solution, while a chemical overhaul is a two-for-one service with both cleaning and repairs.

2) Why is my aircon releasing a bad smell?

Bad smells are one of the warning signs that there may be something very wrong with your air conditioner. Your air conditioner may need replacement parts quickly to prevent further breakage, or there may be something lodged in your air conditioner that gives it a bad smell. In any case, you should play it safe by checking your aircon with a technician.

3) Why is my aircon making so much noise?

Unfortunately, there may be moving parts in your air conditioner that might not be doing their purpose anymore, or there may be something jammed within your air conditioner and making a noise. You need to ask a technician to help you out.

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