New Solar Panel Installation: 4 Common Uses of Solar Energy

Sunlight is essential to all life on Earth, and solar power has many applications. Light and heat are the two primary forms of energy produced by the sun and can be used for many human endeavours. A solar panel installation generates either photovoltaic (PV) electricity or concentrated solar power (CSP) for solar heating by concentrating the sun’s rays. Because of this change in energy form, cars, lights, pools, heaters, and other devices can all run on solar power.

So, what are the most typical applications of solar power? This article delves into four everyday applications of solar power.

1. Transportation

Using PV-powered vehicles is a neat way to maximise the sun’s energy. A solar transit company in Singapore gains popularity in the renewable energy faction because it applies to various transportation modes. The solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 recently completed a circumnavigation of the globe, with its crossing of the Pacific capturing widespread media attention and many unforgettable images. At the same time, solar buses are assisting China in lowering its carbon footprint while keeping mass transit running smoothly in heavily populated cities like Beijing.

2. Electricity

Solar electricity is becoming more accessible as the price of solar panels drops and more people learn about the many economic and environmental benefits of solar power. Rooftops are the typical location for a distributed solar PV system installation. A solar energy company in Singapore produces electricity to meet a property owner’s needs and return excess power into the grid.

3. Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting is one of the simplest ways to increase energy efficiency at home. There is no laborious wiring involved with solar lighting because the fixtures are wireless and charge during the day to avoid using grid electricity at night. Although solar lighting is not as widespread as a roof solar panel installation, it is quickly becoming another low-cost product that can help homeowners save money on electricity and make their homes more energy efficient, alongside LED bulbs and smart thermostats.

4. Heat

It is surprising how few homeowners know that solar water heaters—and solar space heaters can provide a cost-effective alternative to installing solar panels to heat their homes. While solar water heaters use water as a medium for thermal transfer, solar space heaters use liquid or air to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into heat. There are two types of solar heating systems: passive, which relies on the sun’s heat to circulate water, and active, which uses pumps to do the same.

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