3 Things to Know About Eyeliner Embroidery in Singapore

  3 Things to Know About Eyeliner Embroidery in Singapore

What’s the use of having Korean Glass Skin and other treatments if you do not pay attention to some of the most vital parts of your face, namely the eyes? You might have already known that there are several treatments you can undergo to make your eyes pop.

One of the things you can do is to ask for an eyebrow embroidery price. The specific service of eyebrow embroidery is popular amongst those that do not have naturally occurring thick eyebrows. Therefore, eyebrow embroidery would give them the eyebrow appearance they desire.

You do not need other treatments like lash lift and tint if you want to start eyebrow embroidery, but there are things you should remember if you want to use the service. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1)    Eyeliner embroidery is not equal to an eyebrow or eyeliner tattoo.

Though the techniques may be similar, an eyebrow tattoo is not similar to an eyeliner embroidery in Singapore. Eyebrow tattooing is considered a permanent treatment while embroidery is semi-permanent, meaning it lasts upwards of a few months to a year.

2)    There are two types of eyebrow embroidery

Depending on the effects you want to achieve, there are two main types of eyebrow embroidery. One can give you a misty or powdery effect, perfect for cosmetic-type looks, and the other, called eyebrow microblading in Singapore, is designed to mimic the natural brow hairs you already have.

3)    Eyeliner embroidery lasts longer than you think

Make sure you’re set on the style of your eyeliner embroidery because you’ll be stuck with it for some time. Some can even last for 18 months with proper care and attention. There is a reason it is considered a semi-permanent treatment.

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