3 Tips to Landscaping Your Yard in Bountiful

Nurture Soil

Over thirty percent of the United States is considered to be a desert. As such, mulch is highly recommended for reducing evaporation and improving soil health in Bountiful. Mulch serves many benefits, such as maintained moisture, the inhibition of weed growth, decreased soil erosion, and stabilized soil temperature. Organic mulch, specifically clippings, straws, and chips, benefit the soil by introducing nutrients as they begin to decompose. Soil aeration is another recommended task to contribute to soil health, as it increases water flow and decreases runoff. Steep slopes are an additional landscaping pitfall and should be avoided or properly managed to prevent soil erosion.

Choose a Theme

Most yards don’t follow any particular theme in regards to their layout. However, a regionalized landscaping look could be just what your Bountiful yard needs! A Northeastern-style yard is tailored to droughts, requiring only occasional rainfall. A granite walkway decorates the yard in place of grass, featuring native plants such as Coreopsis Zagreb, Sedum Aurea, and Perennial Geranium. A yard fashioned to the Midwestern climate would incorporate turf grass as well as native plants. Taking advantage of precipitation, this yard would (ideally) feature a conduit that could redirect stormwater to the garden. A Southeastern style yard decreases irrigation needs by featuring trees and shrubs that require little water. Additionally, it uses mulch around plants and flowers to reduce soil moisture loss. A Northwestern landscape, considering the area’s familiarity with droughts, would eliminate turf and might incorporate plants that need little water as well as a patio made of crushed rock.

Introduce Unique Features

When it comes to landscaping and curb appeal in Bountiful, unique features are what make a house stand out. Rose bushes, stone pathways, and greenery garland are simple examples of these features. Rose bushes are particularly easy to grow and take care of and are therefore highly recommended. Stone pathways allow for individuals to cross the yard without damaging any plants or flowers. Greenery garland connects the lush green grass of the yard to the house, creating a whimsical look. Hydrangea bushes and flower borders add a splash of color to the yard while maintaining a clean, earthy image. Similarly, hose holders, A/C unit covers, and water features add to the all-natural landscaping theme while simultaneously serving a functional purpose.

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