The key to dressing well is not having a wardrobe with dozens and dozens of clothes but knowing how to combine them. Thus, it does not matter that your wardrobe is somewhat soulless for your taste because, with certain notions, you can create the most versatile looks and look different every day. If you are wondering how to combine the clothes in your wardrobe, keep reading because below we offer you all the tricks so that you always go stylish and never the same. Below tips also help to buy clothes.


  1. Play with neutral colours (black, white, gray, and beige). To always get the style right, the easiest thing is to take one of these colors as the main one and, from here, combine it with a secondary tone. For example, pair black pants with a green or pink knit sweater.
  2. Bet on the monocular. If you prefer, you don’t have to contrast. We are referring to a total black or total white look, for example, both so fashionable. In general terms, any color could be used to build a monochrome look, using different tones in each garment.
  3. Black, always the darkest color. The truth is that the rules are to be broken, but, in general, black is a color that does not go too well with other equally dark tones like navy blue or brown. You risk creating a somewhat dull outfit, so always try to combine black with a lighter color.
  4. Don’t leave out warm tones. It would help if you did not park vibrant shades like burgundy, mustard, or even orange. Learning how to combine the clothes in my closet goes through creating looks in which they are present. They go great with brown hues.
  5. Combine up to three colours. The last tip for writing down will help you not look too cluttered. At most, you can select a pair of pants of one color, a shirt of another and a bag of a third. For the rest of the accessories or clothes, try to keep harmony.

Conclusion: We mean understanding how colours are related to each other. Knowing this, you will never fail again. At this point, consider the above