5 Tips On How To Offer Sympathy For Grieving Family And Friends During The Covid-19 Pandemic


If your Facebook feed has not yet transformed into an obituary, be thankful. For most people, hearing news about death has been a constant. Covid-19 has taken a toll on everyone, especially those whose loved ones passed on because of the virus. How can you now, as an onlooker, send out your sympathies?

Offer to listen

Some people grieve quietly, but that does not mean that they will never talk about their loss. If you have a friend who is like this, let him know that you are just there to listen whenever he’s ready. You do not even need to say anything profound or heartwarming. You just need to be a ready pair of ears once he needs an outlet. You can also send memorial ornaments as a gift to show how sincere you are.

Offer help

Aside from the pain of losing someone you love, there are things that must be done. Funeral arrangements, documents, house cleaning, letting other people know about the passing of someone–the list goes on. As a good friend, you can offer to take some of the load. You can offer to arrange the mass, or offer to help in sending out the sad news. If you live nearby and it’s safe and allowed, maybe you can even clean the house or offer to cook.

Offer a trip

A nature trip is a good way for a person to heal. If it has been a while and you find that your friend is still grieving, it’s probably time for you two to go on a nature trip. Go to the beach or go hiking. See volcanoes and hug trees. Want your invitation to look more tempting? Write it on a note with a memorial ornament. You can personalize ornaments to fit their personality and preferences.

Walk down memory lane

The greatest fear of anyone grieving is that they would forget little details about their loved ones who have passed on. Help them relive good memories. It’s a good way to heal as well. You don’t have to dwell on the loss and the sadness of the person’s passing all the time. You can, instead, try to relive wonderful memories. It’s a good way to celebrate one’s life as well. It’s like saying, you might not be here physically anymore but you will never die in our memories. If you want, you can even comfort your friend with memorial ornaments they can treasure.

Express sympathy

Grieving is harder when it is done alone. If you have a relative or a friend who lost a loved one, and the person who passed on happened to be a common cousin or friend, it’s time for you to make the person realize that indeed, he is never alone. You are grieving together. Make them understand that they can always count on you for support. If you cannot physically be present, find means to reach out. Connect with them and ask them how they are. Do not be afraid to show concern.