4 Things Your Wall Art Says About You

4 Things Your Wall Art Says About You

For people living alone, the walls of their new home are like a clean slate where they can finally express themselves. People coming into your home, if you personally styled it, might find themselves scanning your personalized wall art collection (or lack thereof). They will find themselves trying to profile you whether they like it or not.

Hanging more than one art on your wall, describe that you are a jovial and comfy person. Wall painting is one of the best interior decorative items. You can directly hang it on a plain wall, it not only pleases your eyes, it is easy to install, and It can match the other decorative items you might have.

Hanging a wall art painting will create a classy and vibrant look to a room while being uncomplicated. If you are a well-going person, or you would love for your area to possess a straightforward and relaxed ambiance, tiny and contemporary arts will be apt for you. You’ll find beautiful scenery paintings in online art galleries like www.indianartzone.com, latest style wall paintings are available for your home space.

Constant mood

The colors of your personalized wall art say a lot about your overall “constant” mood. Are you into dark colors or pastels? Are you into paintings with vibrant pop art? Are you a big fan of cubist paintings with high contrast palettes? Wall arts that show romantic rural images with pastel palettes denote someone who is calm and easy-going. Vibrant pop arts show an adventurous outlook. If your artworks lean on the dark palette, people will perceive you as the brooding and mysterious type.


Your choice of wall art also says a lot about your personality. Are you into loud pop art or minimalist paintings? Are your walls a gallery of a common style, a hodgepodge of different styles, or a wall filled with comic book panels? Your visitors will get an idea about how serious you are or how easy going simply by looking at your wall art. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have originals up your wall, though. If you want the same look, you can have personalized wall art printed and framed for your living room space.

Clues about career

They say that most business people actually spend a lot on the interiors of their homes. This includes the art works they put up on their walls. This is because they care a lot about their impressions when they invite people over to entertain. On the other hand, artists either have very unique galleries of their personal heroes or an exhibit of their own favorite works. Motivational people, on the other hand, will prefer trendy quotes up their walls. It’s minimalist but strong at the same time. These quotes, framed or in sticker form, will surely give guests ideas about what sort of jobs or aspirations they might have.


Some people like to fill their walls with art works or pictures of memories and their loved ones. Others prefer to keep it completely blank. There’s a difference between a bare wall, though, and a wall that is intentionally minimalist by style. Visitors who come into your home might feel that your blank walls denote your unwillingness to commit, in general. Instead, it denotes a person who likes to travel, is used to change, and does not like taking root in a single space for too long.

If your “lack of commitment” is more of fear, however, that an artwork would be too tiring to look at eventually and not a sense of adventurism, then perhaps it’s time to explore different sorts of wall art. Don’t be afraid of that blank wall. With high quality prints these days, there’s a multitude you can do with personalized wall art.