5 Best Bali Villas Where You’ll Want to Stay Forever

Resting in Bali Villas is unquestionably one of the most excellent choices for lodging on the island. Suppose you’re looking for quiet and magnificent in an enclave. These popular luxury hotels in Bali are an ideal alternative for you. Besides enjoying increased solitude, amazing views, and pools, the villas reveal the neighbourhood personality of this island. Their exclusive designs, their spas, and their attention will supply you with the remainder you need in Bali in your holidays.

The Bali villas are designed to accommodate couples enjoying their honeymoon in Bali mainly. However, nowadays, you can find villas in Bali that is suitable for many occasions. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or a partner, believe these luxury resorts are a fantastic alternative for a place to stay in Bali.

It is possible to discover various varieties of villas in Bali. Some are found in the center of the jungle, and others have sea views. Whatever your strategy is, there will be a perfect villa for your trip. Below are five amazing resorts in Bali, which can make your stay a unique experience to help you select.

  1. Sanglung Villas

Match with Forbes magazine, if there is someplace that understands exotic luxury, it’s Sanglung Villas. Within this resort located north of Bali and 15 minutes from the shore, you can enjoy breathtaking views of vegetation and the sea while tasting rich cuisine. This place only has three villas, so if you don’t plan your trip well, finding a free one is usually difficult. The villas have a terrace with an infinity pool, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms, making them one of Bali’s highest condos for groups and families. Those villas’ cost starts at $290 per night.

  1. The Griya Villas And Spa

Situated east of Bali, The Griya Villas and Spa were given an award twice by the 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards. The place is some of Bali’s best villas to rest, surrounded by a tropical garden and amazing views of the ocean. Earthly heaven is formed by its Balinese design, its spa area along with its spacious rooms with private pool and wellness remedies. It can fit families of up to 6 people with costs starting from $300 per night and both amenities for couples and groups.

  1. Wapa Di Ume

Wapa Di Ume is the best five-star accommodation too. The resort offers villas with pools and scenery of the hills. This complex has a tiny number of villas of the highest standing. Its design is one of this island’s most avant-garde, intermingling styles modern with traditional materials. They organize activities, including alcoholic ingestion or yoga classes, in addition to providing spa therapies. It is possible to reserve one of those luxury villas in Bali from $310 per night.

  1. Samsara Ubud, Payangan

Samsara Ubud has seventeen villas, especially in the Bali jungle. Samsara Ubud complex is a sanctuary designed with modern Balinese furniture that attempts to reconnect travelers with nature. Every villa is full of details and includes a private infinity pool. There’s the choice to lease one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas, making it perfect for family or friends excursions. Its restaurant serving local, global, and Indonesian cuisine is among the best on the island. This one of the grandest villas in Bali is available to rent starting from $320.

  1. Ayuterra Resort

Ayuterra Resort is two kilometers out of Ubud. This villa has a private pool with views of the mountains and the Alung River. Also, Ayaterra Resort has a whirlpool, massage service, and spa service. It is famous for its stunning petal tubs and is one of Bali’s most romantic villas. Their villas can be rent from $330 per night.

Vacation it’s more than accommodation. It’s all about making long-lasting memories. Find more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.