6 Best Destination Places to Visit in Bintan Island

6 Best Destination Places to Visit in Bintan Island

An island paradise and a melting pot of cultures, Bintan Island, offers people a lot more to do than sitting on the beach. Shorter than two hours from Singapore and Jakarta, Bintan Island is a convenient getaway from hectic city life. The stunning destination is home to remarkable, fearless attractions, beautiful nature, and fascinating local culture. From hiking experiences to sumptuous feasts, discover the top five things to do on Bintan Island, Indonesia.

  1. Panglong Village

Panglong village is home to the Orang Laut (Sea Gypsies), a few of Bintan’s earliest settlers. These fishermen were once nomadic folk before settling back on the coasts of Panglong, building wooden seaside homes, and creating a living from casting nets from their conventional ships. Travelers may observe the island’s past in the beauty of Panglong’s old buildings, like the iconic ‘brick igloos’ the locals once utilized to make charcoal.

  1. Crystal Lagoon

In jaw-dropping 60 hectares in diameter, this translucent lagoon can quickly look like a crystal-clear, impossibly clean, and silent sea. Crystal Lagoon at Treasure Bay is Southeast Asia’s artificial saltwater lagoon — it is an impressive one, too. Hover around on a unicorn float for hours, lounge on the powder-white sand, or sign up for one of their own water sports activities. Jetovator, a jetpack-like mechanism that will send you flying above the water, is very popular among daredevils.

  1. Thousand Face Temple

Known as the ‘million faces’ temple, Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is an unusual, picture-perfect, and vibrant attraction. This majestic Buddhism site of worship has some 500 life-size Lohan sculptures out of its garden, all lined up with numerous faces and expressions. The temple gate and shrines are so expansive and authentic; it seems like a bit of China on a tropics island.

  1. Senggarang

Senggarang is a magic fishing hamlet and home to Bintan’s indigenous people. This village seems like a version of Venice, with canals separating homes that float above the water. Since the first Chinese settlement on the island, Senggarang homes for many temples and shrines, easily recognizable for their bright and vibrant colors, contrast with simple, earthy homes in the neighborhood. Don’t forget to test the regional special shark fillet (shua he pia) or shrimp porridge (he moi).

  1. Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach is the first tourist hub of Bintan Island. This string of four beaches remains dotted with laidback, traditional bungalows and restaurants, which are the opposite of the lavish and avant-garde Lagoi. Travelers may do tons of things at this shore: swim, snorkel, and chill in a beachfront cabana while sampling traditional snacks.

  1. The Crystal Lagoon at Bintan Island

One of the main highlights of Chill Cove at Treasure Bay Bintan is that it is the first and largest recreational human-made seawater lagoon in all Southeast Asia. That is, around 6.3-hectare Crystal Lagoon. Visually beautiful, Crystal Lagoon is an advanced recreational lagoon of natural and filtered seawater made to accommodate a vast myriad of activities like kayaking, sailing, swimming, and snorkeling. The lake is turquoise, which preps perfectly as the perfect backdrop for beautiful photograph moments.

The activity choices offered and possible at Crystal Lagoon are infinite. Brace yourself into the skies with all the Jetovator. This water sports accessory ignites water thrust to propel and elevate cyclists to mid-air. Feel the powerful force of the winds brushing from the cheeks as the powerful aqua jets of this Jetovator drive you above the surface. Adrenaline junkies will love the cable ski center or pit against one another from the Water Sports Park’s obstacles.

For people who might prefer a more relaxed way to explore the area, you might decide to cruise the panoramic perimeter of this Crystal Lagoon using a Solar Boat Ride. Or maybe pedal around at your speed on a Water Tricycle. Unlike the open sea in which there are risks of inherent currents, the Crystal Lagoon allows for households with younger children to enjoy extra-curricular activities. Kids could play in the shallower zones together with giant unicorn floats and build sandcastles at a split sandpit.

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