6 Tips for Making Company Shirts a Stand Out

6 Tips for Making Company Shirts a Stand Out

Fashion makes your personality stand out over other people. If you put this scenario in the corporate world, CEOs will provide the employees with company printed t shirts to showcase the brand. It can also be an effective way to market your company. Another benefit of wearing a company shirt is to promote teamwork and unity. As all employees have the same clothes, they can feel more comfortable because there are no distinctions. They know that they belong to a team.

Another benefit of wearing a company shirt is that the employees will have less time to think of their office OOTDs. It is because they already have a uniform to wear, and it can save them time to think about what they should wear. Well, they will only consider their pants and shoes. You can also get small benefits from wearing company shirts, and sometimes you might not notice the convenience it can add to your company.

Before you partner with a t shirt printing company in Singapore, learn some tips for making your company shirt look more memorable and comfortable to wear.

Tips for Designing Company Shirts

Designing a company shirt can be a subtle marketing strategy for your business. People will get to know your brand and feel encouraged to apply to your company. For this reason, you need to make a shirt that will stand out against your competitors. On top of this, you must ensure that your employees feel comfortable wearing the shirt. And if you need a guide, here are some design tips for corporate shirt printing.

1) Not All Trends Are Good

Trends are good to follow because they are famous among the younger generation. However, you need to have your style and statement to stand out against your competitors. You can assume that not all trends are worthy of following because you can create your style with pure creativity and ideas. It will be more remarkable, and people will remember the clothes much better than following such trends. Perhaps, you can gain momentum, but it will not last long if you want to stay in the industry for a long time.

So, before looking for corporate t shirt printing services in Singapore, make sure you have unique design ideas to make you look memorable. It is the only way to make your company gain recognition from the public.

2) Include Brand Hashtags and Company Name

Another way to make your company shirt stand out is to include brand hashtags and company names. Therefore, people will know more about your business values. For instance, your company focuses more on eco-friendly products. And so, you can put the hashtag with words like #ZeroWasteLifestyle, #GoGreener, or #SavePlanetEarth. These hashtags can give people an idea about your company right away. As you look for company t shirt printing, think of a hashtag that can capture the attention of random people.

Also, consider the placement of hashtags to make your shirt aesthetically pleasing. You can put them on the back or in front of the shirt. Regardless of the positioning, make sure that people can see them and make your brand stand out.

3) Add Some Humour

Adding some humour to your shirt can also capture the attention of the people around you. But remember to use appropriate words when cracking a joke on your shirt. You can use pun-intended techniques to make it fun and quirky. You can also create funny images that will be appropriate for professional usage. Also, you can show your humour side without making fun of a person. For this reason, the company printed t shirts will look less dull, and it can show people that your company knows how to have fun.

As you add humour, it can also bring a smile or laughter to people’s faces. Other than that, you may also engage more people to ask questions about your company. It can help you find more employees and possible customers.

4) Pick a Comfortable Material

If you want to consider the well-being of your employees, you can also pick a comfortable material like silk and cotton. Since the employees will wear it all day long, you must ensure they feel good while working. Some fabrics can make them feel itchy. Plus, some clothes can make the weather even hotter. For this reason, you need to choose a material that will make the shirt easy to wear and comfortable for the skin.

As you look for a t shirt printing company in Singapore, you can also ask about the fabrics for extended usage. The quality is also essential because you must ensure it will last longer.

5) Try Minimalism

The key to making your company shirt look professional is to try the minimalism style. It is better to avoid adding unnecessary designs to your clothing because it will only look messy. Plus, the shirt will make your company look unprofessional. On top of this, the minimalist aesthetic is pleasant to the eye as it has few distracting elements. You can only add the necessary details like logos, colours, and words.

So, when looking for company t shirt printing, better focus on minimalism technique because it can avoid overbranding your shirt. Nonetheless, your priority here is to stick to the goal and values of your company to stand out.

6) Partner With Reliable Printing Companies

It is a waste of time to design a perfect shirt, but when it comes to printing, the outcome will look unsatisfying. For this reason, you need to find reliable printing companies to execute your designs properly. It will make you satisfied with the results. And for sure, the company printed t shirts will come out fine. It can reflect the value and professionalism of your company.

Partnering with a reliable company will also ensure that the outcomes will help your company gain more recognition from the public.


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