7 Jobs For A Chartered Accountant

Have you seen a person continue studying even if they are already professional in their fields? If yes, it means they are preparing something for their future, like becoming a certified accountant. If you see an accountant studying and attending classes, they want to have certification someday. It will be their ticket to getting the job they want, especially if they wish to go international. And if you are aiming for the same thing, you need to prepare yourself for the ups and downs of being an accountant.


Being a chartered accountant can take you to many places. If you want a job that can give you a high salary, you will not have problems looking for one. You do not need to worry about the opportunities waiting for you because you can achieve them in different industries. You can apply to others if you do not get accepted on the first one. To give you an idea about the job waiting for you, here are some:


This position is the one you should apply for if you want a job that involves financial transactions. There is a huge responsibility that you should not delay the employee’s pay, especially if the payday comes. And if there is a problem, you should inform them about it. Being an accounts clerk is challenging because you need to consider different people in doing your job. Work on their pay and deductions, and you will learn it with the help of the ICAEW ACA qualification.


As the job name states, you will focus on investments and check the activities done by the company. There are different clients assigned to you, so you need to know how to focus on their progress and their businesses. If they need to borrow money, you will also foresee those instances. You will have a part in their decision-making, so check everything about the company and what they need to do to succeed in their investments.


Many people do not know how to handle finances correctly. It might be because of unnecessary expenses, or they do not know how to distinguish their wants and needs. And to give them a lesson about handling money, being a financial consultant is one of the jobs you could get. But before landing this job, you need to earn an accounting certification. It will be your tool to prove to your clients that you are the person for the job.


Finances also involve the law. Whatever business or industry you are working at, you need to comply and ensure that the company does not have a problem with the law. You will be responsible for guaranteeing that everything in their records is correct and no hidden money is involved. The financial reports and statements must be within the current spending, investments, and taxes.



If you want to focus on taxes and financial records and statements of a business, this job is for you. Your job is to ensure that every matter involving the company finances is correct, especially if it is private. But, be professional enough to have this job. Being an accountant can give you financial knowledge, so get ICAEW modules to do this job correctly.


Focusing on the financial health of a company or organisation is the job of a cost accountant. Even big businesses have a budget, and you will be the one to check and foresee it. Ensure that every expense is in the record and there are no anomalies with the statements. If the company spends money on something, you need to check if it is worth it or can go for the long-term or short-term. You need to maintain the budget of the company to avoid bankrupting it.


If you have heard the term CPA, a certified public accountant is its meaning. Their job is to check accounting concerns, especially taxes. People who go for this job have many opportunities if they work in different industries. A business has investors, and a CPA is the one who will coordinate with them. They need to give updates about the progress in the financial sector to know if they will continue their business with them. Being a certified accountant can give you this opportunity, so do not miss it.

Landing any of the jobs mentioned is one of the dreams of accountants. They can work in any industry they want, especially if they have enough knowledge and skills to prove themselves. But aside from these, other jobs are available for those who wish to become chartered accountants, like the following:

  • Forensic Accountant
  • Staff Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Management Accountant

If you want to be a chartered accountant, anticipate lots of jobs waiting for you. There might be challenges in entering one, but you can guarantee that you will get into any industry you want to work for and have the experience you want to have for years. Studying for a few more years is worth it even if you do not get your dream job. You can get through it as time goes by.


Many people want to be accountants, but you will also see them getting certifications for the job they want. And if you have doubts about being a chartered accountant, here are its benefits:


  • Your salary is higher because of this job.
  • You can guarantee a job waiting for you, no matter the industry you enter.
  • You will not have issues establishing a business because you know about financial concerns in opening and maintaining one.
  • You can go to different countries because of your job, especially if the company you are working for goes international.
  • You are flexible to work in various industries, making it easy to adjust to a new environment.

There are many reasons why being a chartered accountant is a worthy journey. These five benefits can take you to various places, allowing you to work and gain experience. More doors will open for you if you use your title correctly, considering that money and finances are involved in the job. Do not miss being a professional by visiting the website of ICAEW Singapore.