Here Are The Top 6 Problems Of Choosing Storage Space Rental

  Here Are The Top 6 Problems Of Choosing Storage Space Rental

With billions of people shopping online and hoarding new items daily, storage facilities are becoming more of a need for most people. Extra space storage in Singapore is possibly the best lifesaver for people who likes collecting and doesn’t like letting go of their items. If you have ever been in a case where you have dilemmas on keeping and disposing of, then the best way to deal with the situation is by getting a storage space for rental. These units are there for a reason. When you do not have enough room for all your items in the house but, on the other hand, you do not want to throw them away, storage units can save you from keeping these personal and memorable items. Most people, especially hoarders, encounter this problem each time they buy new stuff.

If you’re moving in or out, you can rent a storage space in Singapore. Where else will you put all your furniture when you haven’t found a house or place to move? Where will you put other items that won’t fit in your new home? The answer is in a storage space rental. It can be your temporary or permanent storage for your belongings. This reason is why most storage unit businesses are booming. The storage industry is progressing with good reason. At what cost? Of course, as much as how good the facility is, there are some things you need to consider.



One common problem people encounter with looking for storage space rental in Singapore is the inconvenience of their location. Most facilities that offer more affordable prices tend to have a far site. Generally, storage space rental requires lots of lands, be it at affordable or A1 quality. Storage facilities are away from the more common areas of a community or in the metro, as the land in these places is much more affordable. While that can mean lower costs for the company, it can be inconvenient for people who actually plan to rent a storage unit. Renters may need to drive to farther and unusual places to check out the facility.



One of the most common problems you may encounter within a storage space rental in Singapore is potential damage due to humidity and water. These two could be the primary cause of mould buildup on your items. If you do not rent a watertight storage unit, you may end up with leakage and damage. Even if the moisture does not directly ruin your items, it can still increase the chances and buildup of mould in fabrics or other furniture pieces, especially wooden items. If you plan to store your household stuff within a storage space rental, consider using baking soda, as this can absorb extra moisture in the air.



Unfortunately, although the crime rates in the country are close to zero or low, there are still chances of theft in a storage space rental. Most people, especially collectors, never dream of losing their collection, but thieves exist. However, this problem is only common in facilities that do not have excellent protection or security. The best way to beat this problem is by renting an extra space storage unit in Singapore near your location, with solid steel construction, additional layers of security systems, and tamper-protected locks. These strategies can take much time to cut or open, meaning thieves will struggle with stealing your items.


When you plan to rent a storage space unit in Singapore, consider asking about their operation or business hours prior to making arrangements. Some facilities only run for a 12-hour period; some operate 24/7. Access can be an issue, especially with individuals who need to work, attend some errands, or are always on the go. Visiting the storage space rental and ending up with a closed facility can be frustrating. If there is a chance that you may need to see your storage unit more frequently, you may want to consider mobile storage containers. These units are convenient, as the storage staff can bring them to your property.



Another problem when you plan to rent a storage space in Singapore is the costs. Storage units come in various sizes, commonly ranging from small (5 x 5 to 5 x 10), medium (5 x 15 to 10 x 15), or large (10 x 20 to 10 x 30). Apart from the size of your preferred unit, other factors that would add up to the price are its location and extra features, such as climate control or additional security. If the storage space rental facility is in the heart of the country, the price would most likely be higher compared to sites farther. These pointers can also affect your monthly rental cost. If you think that the facility offers its units at an unreasonable rate, don’t worry. There are other options across the country that can provide the best service at an affordable price.


On top of the monthly rental fees, there are other financial problems you need to be aware of when you rent a storage space in Singapore. Some corporations have hidden costs for their services, increasing your total bill more than the price you initially agreed on and expected to pay. As much as possible, try to avoid companies that offer affordable rates but have extra fees. Some costs they may charge you are setting up tips, insurance fees, and contracts and other papers. Some agents would also convince you to increase your unit space or margin, add more security or locks, or urge you to get a unit close to the main entrance or access points.

The Bottom Line

Is renting extra space storage in Singapore ideal for homeowners? Yes, as long as you choose a trusted and credible storage space rental. Renting a storage space unit is convenient if you are a memory hoarder or collector. However, it is also not wrong to declutter which pieces in your household need to be disposed of and re-evaluate the storage systems elsewhere in your home. Another note to consider is thorough research. Ensure to take time to research the best options in the country before making decisions. If you ever land on the best facility, contact them and assess if they can meet your needs. That way, you can be sure you’re choosing the best one.

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