Choosing between air cooler vs air conditioner when fixing up your apartment might cost you so much time to settle because of their varying features and functions, prices, and mobility. It is also very essential to put into consideration which is more beneficial to our health. If you are a comfort lover, you will always want to get the best in terms of home electronics, appliances, and tools. After your electric cooker, TV, Sound System, and Washing machines, the next thing on your list should be getting a conditioning device that is if it is not the first on your list.

Debating on what exactly to buy between air cooler vs air conditioner we feel it is okay to make you understand that both are nice and would serve you according to your taste, you should also know that there might be the possibility of one causing you a little problem if it is not properly used. The Air cooler is known to use hot water and wet absorbent pads to cool the air in an environment and it is usually best used for outdoor purposes which means that it also works where there is exposure to fresh air whereas, on the other hand, the air conditioner uses coolant chemicals which have in them Freon. Freon is known scientifically to be a very poisonous substance and could be inhaled if there is a leak in the air conditioner that is not quickly handled by a technician or is not well sealed. Freon could cause nausea, skin irritation, and even death as claimed by some scientists. 

While debating the topic air cooler Vs air conditioner it is good to know that too much release of Freon due to leakage from air conditioners into the atmosphere can cause damage to our ozone layers, which means that too much use of air conditioners shouldn’t be encouraged, air coolers are better in this regards because they do not need any form of chemicals to function effectively and there is no risk of exposing our environment to danger, our ozone layer is safer with air cooler.  When the ozone layers are depleted, humans are exposed to so much danger i.e spread of new diseases and ailments which can be contacted through much exposure to sunlight.  Global warming, there can be an unnecessary change in weather conditions and that can affect all aspects of life including agriculture and the world economy.