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Italy is one of the most beautiful and magnificent countries in the world. With its historic architecture and landmarks, as well as the lovely cuisine and fashion, there is so much to enjoy in this country. But with all this elegance and glamour, there is a cost attached to it, and the cost in Italy can be quite high. Especially when you visit some of the most popular and vibrant cities like Milan or Venice, you should expect to be paying a lot of money there.

But if you want to pay less and still get a great Italian experience, then your best choice would be to get property in one of the smaller towns or cities. Now, they may not be as eye-grabbing as some of the other Italian cities, but they have their perks, and the affordability is sure to make them even more attractive.

You can get affordable properties in Italy, and there are five of the cheapest places that you can get some.

  1. Padova

This is a city that retains its affordability even with a pretty good standard of living according to property experts Wales Cash Buyers. The city has a lot to offer including a historic town of piazzas, as well as a pretty calm atmosphere. It is an especially great place to live for digital nomads because it provides a lot in terms of safety, networking, and of course affordability.

  1. Palermo

Possibly the cheapest area that you can get a good property is in and around Sicily. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean and it offers a warm and lovely climate. One thing that it has in unison with more popular Italian cities is its vibrance and busy streets. This may not seem too attractive, and the city is not the most beautiful, but there are certainly advantages of choosing Palermo over some of the more well-known Italian cities.

  1. Bari

Another very affordable city is Bari, a city situated in the southeast region of Italy on the Adriatic coast. It is growing more and more popular because of its cheap housing and living costs when compared with some of the bigger cities like Milan and Rome. There have been several developmental projects put up to help the city grow and improve, and it is certainly a great option for people who need the warm climate and affordable housing.

  1. Puglia

It seems like most of the coastal cities in Italy are pretty affordable, and Puglia is one more on that list. This is a city filled with nature and history, and it has become internationally famous for its wonderful food, culture, and stunning beaches. There is a good number of beautiful towns you can visit, and the houses for cash are pretty cheap as well.

  1. Abruzzo

This city is often regarded as the cheapest place you can get property in Italy. It is full of nature with a good number of national parks in the city as well as some magnificent mountains marking the territory of the city. Abruzzo is a city full of medieval towns and villages, and there is a large sense of community to be enjoyed for whoever makes this city their home.