Extend the partner visa with ease

Extend the partner visa with ease

Do you want to extend your visa? This article, we are going to provide you assistance to know. Some many rules and legislation must be followed. The process of the extension of visas is not very long. If everything is done accurately, the UK spouse visa can be extended. The partner visa is achieved by giving the A1 test. This test provides a stay of two and a half years. To increase the period of stay in the UK. The a2 English test is critical to give. This is one of the significant parts of the process. The a2 test is an English test.

Why one must take the test

The primary reason to take this test is to check the English dialect. It is not a secret that English is the first language in the UK. To survive there, the visitor must know the language. After applying for the A2 test, the applicant might have a visa of five years. The test lasts only 7 minutes. There are some aspects of this test. This test consists of some essential English and grammar questions. Even the children age 5-7 can pass this exam as it includes all the basic and the most accessible English questions. Getting through this test is not a very difficult thing to do. The a2 test is held at the examination center.

To appear for the A2 test, the booking must be made in advance. Book the examination center that is the closest to you. It must be located near the applicant’s residential place. This can be the legit time-saving deal. The text consists of learning and listening skills. These two skills contribute a lot to the conversation. The authority gives particular importance to grammar and vocabulary. Just before applying for this, learn the grammar lessons. The test is divided into two parts. One is listening and speaking in English.

The result is declared really quickly. On that present-day itself, the result is announced. Right after the 7minute of the test, the result is revealed to the applicant. Suppose the applicant can pass the examination. A valid and approved certificate is provided. The best part is that the certificate is UKVI approved. After all this process, the five years of visa to the UK will be given. This procedure usually happens in the context of the spousal visa. Follow these steps to get the extension of the partner visa. Make plans to stay a little longer in the UK.


The visa is usually provided to the spouse. Suppose the applicant is able to pass the examination. The certificate itself is the power play card. There is nothing like an approved and valid certificate. These are the rules and regulations that must be followed to get the extension in the stay. All you have to do is pass the A2 test.

Along with that, there are many other requirements. There are essential requirements to get a five-year-long visa. We hope this article will meet your intentions.