Three Tips to Keep in Mind when Planning a Party at a Bar 

If you live in a small apartment in a huge city, you might think you could never host a party. After all, you may not have a spacious place to accommodate your 40 closest friends. But, why not take your party elsewhere? A local bar like Mad Hatter Pub can be the perfect venue party that will cater to your needs. You can rent out the entire bar or an event room. Just make to book ahead as bars tend to get busy and booked, especially at the weekends. The following are some tips when hosting a bar party:

Plan in Advance

Try to plan at least six weeks before the party date. Create a list of potential locations. Ensure you choose a venue with lots of space, seating, and multiple bars. Ideally, you want a somewhat isolated place in the bar that you and the rest of the group can take over. Work with the owner or manager to make the party special. Ensure you choose a conducive space for everyone to talk and mingle. 

Plan Out the Menu

Ensure you have a specialised menu for your guests. Pick a set menu or let people choose from a limited selection. Ask the bar to serve their best dishes but make sure to consider the dietary restrictions of your guests. Keep in mind that private party patrons eat and drink more than the typical diner. Thus, consider a pre-set menu that requires a few servers to satisfy a big group setting together instead of many complicated dishes. Great food and drink will stick in the minds of your guests. In addition, ensure you have something available for a wide range of tastes. Remember that some of your guests may not drink alcohol, so offer non-alcoholic alternatives and provide vegetarians some alternatives to meat dishes. Also, ensure guests with food allergies have great options.  

Ensure Some Entertainment is Available

One of the best things about hosting a private party at a bar is the availability of entertainment options including music, pool games, and the ability to watch sports games. Depending on the type of guest you are expecting, you want to choose a bar that can provide them with a varying type of entertainment. Some bars will host their own events as crowd pleasures like bar trivia, open mics, and more. You might want to talk to the organiser about the validity of these events as they can be an extra boost of fun for your party.