How Protective Partition Screens are a Saviour at the Workplace?

The globe was experiencing an extensive lockdown phase at places from as early as March 2020. But the lockdowns were seen to getting lifted initially at places with a long list of guidelines from the government to get implemented strictly and without any negligence. Though most of the workforce still operate right from their homes, a certain percentage of professionals working on-site must use ecran protection Displetech coupled with other safety measures to make their work environment secure. 

What are they? 

The governmental rules spread globally have one particular thing in common; the idea of strictly maintaining a social distance of 2 meters. With these, the personal hygiene of employees has also become a priority to look out for. Proper sanitization of the workplaces, availability of hand sanitizers, glass sneeze guards, and plastic, acrylic, or plexiglass desk dividers are mandatory at the work stations round the clock. 

About plexiglass screens

Global companies are pioneering the manufacturing and availability of safety apparatus to make the world a better place to live in. These adjustable partitioning screens come in various sizes, colored frames, and with choice of feet bar. They can be height-adjustable screens, foot-controlled screens and with varied thicknesses, screens with protective panels on sides, and screens with two-sided panels too. The desk dividers have clamps that hold them in places. There are hinged dividers for the continuous division of a large room. There are hanging dividers too, for retail outlets. There are available countertop dividers that only require assembling of the parts for the places it’s desired to be kept on. There are also freestanding dividers that can be linked up to form partition chains.


The screens are light in weight and can be easily moved to the locations where it needs partitioning. The stability while using it comes from one of its feature called “twist out feet”. Multiple such dividers can be used to create a secure space in itself. They are made up of thermally-toughened glasses that are four to five times durable than float glasses, which, if broken, falls into smaller fragmentations with dull ends to prevent injuries. These screens also come with the benefit of hygiene maintenance with constant wiping facilities.

COVID secure workplaces are the first thoughts on the minds of the employers and business owners right now. For that, these partitioning screens can prove magically beneficial onlooking the whole safety protocol.