How to Shot Perfect Aerial Images with a Drone?

Who never dreamed of being able to fly a remote-control plane while being able to take pictures of the aerial adventure? But no one wants to take pixelated photos as is often the case with this type of device. We all want to shot real quality aerial images. For this purpose, here are the best tips you can follow.

The First flight with the Drone

Before you even start taking aerial images of Marseille with drones, it is important to familiarize yourself with how your own drone works. If this is your first time to operate that type of device, focus first on handling and piloting it. The photo will come later! This is crucial in order to avoid accidents, but good control will also help you take sharper, more beautiful photos and videos. Start by doing take-off and landing exercises in order to have a good basics. Always choose a flat and clear area to avoid accidents which could be fatal to the rotors of your drone.

Drone Flight Regulations 

You can’t do just anything with your drone because there are legal rules on privacy and third parties that you should absolutely follow to the letter. They may change from country to country, but in France, the rules for the use of drones are defined by the DGAC (Direction générale de l’aviation civile). In 2019, a single EU drone regulation entered into force across Europe. Before using your drone, be sure to check the laws applicable in your region.

The Return to Home Mode

Before you start flying with your drone, take a few minutes to calibrate its internal compass. You can then familiarize yourself with the “Return to home” (RTH) function. Many drones have this handy feature that allows them to return to their starting point and land there automatically or at the command of the pilot. The RTH function is really handy because it is automatically triggered when a certain altitude or distance from the pilot is exceeded, if the radio transmission is interrupted or if the battery charge is too low.

Check the batteries

Before each flight, check your drone’s batteries and take two or three with you, just in case. As soon as the first sign of a low battery is heard, you should put the device down to avoid the crash. It might sound a bit silly but it would be a shame not to be able to take as many great aerial photos as you want.