When it Comes to Barbeques, Choose BBQs 2u and Go with the Best

The world is opening and there will be more and more gatherings conducted. Since there has been a pause to parties, the number of parties is bound to increase. If you are planning to conduct a gathering or a party, then yours must be the best. The best parties are those which have the best food.

The appliance in which you cook the food dominates the taste and quality of food. Since you deserve nothing but the best, you must choose BBQs 2u for the best quality barbeque and pizzas. BBQs 2u is an independent leading brand of UK. Started as a family business in 2002, the brand has gained huge recognition today. 

A lot many customers prefer buying with BBQs 2u for all of their grills and barbeques requirements. They are the best quality online retailers of kamado joe and napoleon barbeques. They have a huge range of products and each customer will find something for himself in their repertoire. 

Their product range includes Kamado Joe Uknapoleon, onni koda, masterbuilt, etc. all of these grills and ovens are perfect in their own sphere. They come in various sizes depending on your need. Each of their ovens and grills is equipped with advanced features in order to deliver you exceptional quality taste in food. 

One of their best products is the masterbuilt BBQ series. The masterbuilt is one of the biggest BBQ brands in America. With versatile style and affordable price, masterbuilt becomes an ideal product for big gatherings and parties. under the name of Gravity series, the first digitally controlled charcoal bbq was launched in 2020. 

the masterbuilt series is like a revolution to the grilling and barbeque industry. It is as convenient, as controlled and as effective as a gas barbeque but even more delicious. The gravity series is hugely trusted in the barbeque community. They are available in three models viz masterbuilt gravity 560, 800 and 1050. 

The masterbuilt gravity 1050 holds the charcoal for up to 8 hours and ensures that there is constant fuel to the fire for your food. It comes with many freebies too. Along with the masterbuilt 1050, you will get the masterbuilt 1050 official cover, the restaurant A grade lumpwood of 12 kg, kamado joe wood chunks of 4.5 kgs and a box of natural firelighters. 

If that’s not all, then they have got more for you. The products of BBQs 2u are available at a slashed price in the black Friday sale. This means you can purchase the masterbuilt too at MasterBuilt BBQ Black Friday sale at a cheaper price. This is a steal deal because for a product so good, you are paying so little, it brims on a steal. 


If not now, then when. This is the ideal time to purchase your favourite products from BBQs 2u because they are available at a price like never before. join the huge family of BBQs 2u and become a member forever.