Airyee Everhart Social Media and About Su Moon Entertainment Talent Management

Airyee Everhart is a Michigan native and performer. Beginning in the choir at her primary school, she eventually became a musician after receiving some instruction; she played cornet and trumpet in the school’s “concert band.” Everhart continued his dancing training by joining a Hip Hop crew and taking jazz classes.

Su Moon Entertainment” is administered and managed by Everhart and her team. It’s Su Moon’s job to handle things like bookings and talent management. The establishment of the talent management company was aimed at serving the needs of the entertainment industry. There are other offices in New York City’s Brooklyn neighborhood as well as in Los Angeles.

The Company Manager will help in achieving business management objectives and growing the business. Strategic plans will be developed to help accomplish goals after a comprehensive review of available resources. The Company Manager will keep tabs on the quality of Su Moon’s workers’ work to make sure they stay committed to the company’s mission. On top of that, they’ll be expected to write reports and represent the organization at events and conferences.

There are several independent news releases about job vacancies and announcements on the company’s main website. In addition, a callback request form is available for use by prospective customers.