Confused Looking For Typical Medan Souvenirs? Check Out 6 Choices Here!

A visit to a particular city or area, of course, is not complete if we do not bring souvenirs back home. Souvenirs and gifts have become one of the important things on the list for visiting a new place. Therefore, most of us buy unique souvenirs according to the places we visit. Souvenirs from each place can be different from other places. Starting from display items, clothes to special foods. This time we will discuss souvenirs that are typical of North Sumatra or Medan.

1. Meranti Sponge

Bolu Meranti Medan is a typical Medan food which is quite famous. This cake is similar in shape to the Surabaya layer cake, but the difference is that the meranti sponge has many different flavors. Besides the sweet one, there are also salty Meranti Bolu flavors. This meranti sponge is one of the typical foods that must be used as souvenirs and is suitable for the closest relatives or eaten alone. For those of you who will visit Medan, you can buy Bolu Meranti in the Kruing Medan street area, the one in Sisingamangaraja street.

2. Bika Ambon

Food which is also famous for being used as souvenirs typical of Medan is Bika Ambon. This cake, which is flat in shape and is usually served with square pieces and has a texture like pores, has a delicious taste. This cake tastes legit mixed with a chewy-bouncy sensation inside your mouth when you start eating it. Commonly, the color of Bika Ambon is yellow, however there are also other colors that match its taste such as chocolate, durian, and cheese. The Majapahit street area in Medan is one of the streets that sells or peddles this Bika Ambon cake.

3. Durian Pancakes

Durian is one of the favorite fruits in Medan and has a relatively low price compared to other famous durians. However, because whole durian fruit does have a strong aroma, it is quite difficult for tourists who travel by planes to bring durian souvenirs. Due to the huge demand for durian, various kinds of processed durian products from Medan started to appear. One of the famous ones is the durian pancake. Durian pancakes are foods wrapped in crepes or omelette skin, and the contents of durian pancakes are usually whole durians and fla.

4. Teri Medan

Teri Medan or Medan anchovy has its advantages and added value because the anchovy products in the waters of North Sumatra are known to have better quality and various types. Do not just look at the small and white shape, because Medan anchovy has a savory and delicious taste suitable for being used as a complement to your meal. In addition, anchovy also has a lot of content that is beneficial for the body. No wonder this anchovy field is often used as a typical gift often brought to relatives. To be able to find this easy anchovy field, you just have to come to the traditional markets in Medan.

5. Sihobuk Peanuts

Sihobuk peanuts are a typical snack of North Sumatra originating from Sihobuk Village, North Tapanuli. Actually, this bean is not too different from other peanuts. Only these beans have been selected and sorted for sale. Sihobuk beans have become famous souvenirs, even overseas. Sihobuk beans that have not been shelled are cooked in a large cauldron filled with sand, stirred and roasted to be evenly cooked and crispy. Don’t forget to bring this Sihobuk peanut souvenir if you are or are planning to come to North Sumatra or in the North Tapanuli area.

6. Passion Fruit Syrup

A visit to the city of Medan is incomplete if you do not buy souvenirs of Medan passion fruit syrup. Although we can actually buy passion fruit syrup everywhere, somehow it feels like something is missing if you do not bring this souvenir when traveling to Medan.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Medan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.